Friday, December 12, 2008
Part 2: Righteous Anger and Part 3: Pretenders arrive at Lori's Book Nook for review Thanks to google alerts, I 'met' Lori today, at , a reviewer with diverse tastes and great experience. She isn't impressed so far. Sounds like she's dreading an interminable slog. :-) But a book lover has to be free to like or loath as her reactions require. And, indeed, the Okal Rel Saga has an element of soap opera about it as I think she suspects. It's an odd blend of my youthful dreams and adult experience. I'm looking forward - braced for the worst - to whether the insides appeal to her. I'll be particularly interested to know if she is able to enjoy Part 2 and Part 3 without Part 1, as I believe she is wondering herself.


Don't worry, Lynda...the only thing I'm not impressed with at first blush is the cover. (Of the ones on your site here, the one I like the most is the first -- interestingly graphic.)

I will admit that I like my books to be more stand-alone-ish, esp. in long SF or Fantasy series, since it's often hard to find them all. As a writer, I can imagine that you're interested in how I manage the transition to Part 2, so I'll come back and let you know!

(ah, you're on blogger...I'll sign in with my other blog! :-) )
Thanks Lori! Yes, I strive to make each book worthwhile stand alone, while still enriching the larger experience. So I will be interested. I'd be particularly interested in your reaction to part 3 Pretenders as a stand alone! Echo's cover for Part 1 was wonderful, indeed. Part 5 cover is beautiful too.
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