Thursday, December 18, 2008
Mark Sadler

Soul touched Mark Sadler (met on Sci-fi Talk) this month and struck up a connection. He has a writing background, although he hasn't done any for years, so I am recommending him to the current editors of ORU titles: The Okal Rel Anthology 4 and Cats in the Okal Rel Universe -- if he 'takes' to the ORU of course. Below is a quote from one of his e-mails that struck a chord.

> Thank you for the wonderful package of reading that you sent me ...
> Books, for me, and I suspect for you -- as they are to most avid readers,
> are friends and companions that we always have. They are markers, too.
> I go to a book in my library and not only can I look at the title and
> remember the tale, the characters, but also where I was in my life
> when I read it, the state of mind I was in, what season of the year,
> and my life, it was...
> I look forward to getting to know the characters and
> their triumphs, loves, heartbreaks and disappointments. After the
> present book I'm reading, I promised to myself I'd read The Story
> of Edgar Sawtelle
(for some reason, probably because stripped down
> to its elements, it's a boy and his dog story, it's calling to me).
> And then I'm going to plunge into the Okal Rel Universe and be
> swept away in your imaginings and a new world.

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