Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Happy New Year

Resolved to look after myself better in 2009 and aspire to that optimal work/life balance.

Some news I hope to blog better later:

  • SFFaudio has listed a CBC interview of mine. I've asked Justyn of Edge if he can notify them of the On The Edge podcasts, as well.

  • Part 3: Pretenders, was listed on LISwire, the librarian site, back in September 2008.

  • My first installment of "Thoughts From Another Universe" appeared in the Jan 5, 2009 edition of The Northern Log, Volume 1, Issue 1. This innovative and ambitious journal is run by Joshua Laurin, General Manager; Davin Helkenberg, Editor in Chief; Roy P. Toomey, Board Member; with contributors D.L. Hurke, Devin Girard, Jeremy Stewart, Lynda Williams, Rob Budde, Rob Bryce and Roy P. Toomey.

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