Friday, February 27, 2009
Insight from editor Richard Janzen
I hope that your work on your next book is going well. I know you and  
Brian have a pretty aggressive publication schedule set out, and I'm
sure it's a daunting task to bring all of the storylines in your head
to the page. sometimes it can feel so limiting to put things on the
page -- suddenly, the events are all so defined. Often I prefer the
liberties I can take in my imagination before stories become trapped
in the bindings of a book.
from an e-mail message Feb 22, 2009

This comment from ORU editor Richard Janzen struck a resonance with me, as I take a deep breath and face tackling book 7. Miss Alison. Grateful for the support of Brian Hades, Justyn Perry, Marie Bilodeau and Lynn Perkins on the publishing front. Paul Strickland recently volunteered to help with profiles of first expansion and other "connected" people for Bridges in June 2009. Krysia Anderson gave me a nice surprise last night, when I got home from a long day of wrestling with ergonomic problems at work, by engaging in discussion of her short story in progress for anthology 4. And I read a bit of the post-wedding scene that book 7 starts with, in which Sam O'Pearl is contratulating herself on pulling off a trick event-of-the-century ... just before Eler starts a brawl.

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