Sunday, February 15, 2009
News bits

  • Sandra Fitzpatrick has tracked down John Preet to get him to sign a first edition copy of Okal Rel Universe Anthology 2 for collector Peter Halasz.

  • Adds and drops for authoriship in next two anthologies were updated, today, on

  • I finished the first draft of Part 6: Avim's Oath last night, and Jennifer Lott has agreed to do a proofing pass for me once I've finished second draft corrections. Reading it to the family Saturday mornings after crepes has convinced me to simplify the Golden Demish stew of titles and history a little, among other things. Many thanks to the beta testers!

  • Sent books to Charlie Harmon for dispensing at the next conference on her busy schedule. Thank you Charlie!

  • Craig Bowlsby read Pretenders and gave me some interesting feedback. To paraphrase, he was surprised by how quickly Amel accepted the envoy role and stepped into a dangerous relationship with Ev'rel to shore up the new status quo behind the scenes. I'm going to blame Amel's 'female' emotional aspect for that one, and his history of abuse which made it feel like 'his' role to step into. But you are right, Craig, it wasn't a good move for Amel! Some of Amel's behavior in the early books are based on my crisis centre days and how difficult it was to stop abuse victims assuming the role they were good at in order to support a dysfunctional situtation. But Amel-lovers may be pleased to know that his slow, Demish process of maturation begins to flower in Part 6: Avim's Oath -- at the price of him starting to have trouble getting all the warm fuzzy feelings to keep working for him.

  • Mel F. gave us cartoon valentines with ORU themes. :-) Chatted with Mel and Tegan about possible skit/costumes for Bridges presentation.

  • Chatted with Krysia A. about her story ideas for Anth 4 featuring the inter-cultural fiasco that resulted in her character Victoria, who appeared in Okal Rel Universe Anthology 2.
  • Hal Friesen is working on a Nestor story for one of the upcoming anthologies

  • Christina Rundle has delivered a complete first draft of her story for Anth 5. Congrats!

  • Keeping up with my column in The Northern Log, called "Thoughts from another universe". Feb one was on personal rituals. Got in my submission for March edition.

  • Absolute X-Press has a launch planned and I'm hoping this means print copies of the ORU Legacies books by Bridges, at UNBC, in June.


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