Thursday, March 05, 2009
Jots for March 5 2009
Jots on connections March 5 2009

  • Exchanged e-mail with Paul Strickland who is working on a few profiles for Bridges to feature a handful of the wonderful people who intersect the Okal Rel Universe. Paul is struggling through the painful work of sorting out family estate business, as well. Remember, Paul, Rel pilots make dock! That's my way of saying somedays it is winning just to survive.

  • Received a nice "hail" from ORU-friendly contact Tatjana Takseve (formerly Chorney), who teaches English at Saint Mary's University in Halifax. She has passed along my call for ideas about taking part in Bridges in June and the invitation to take part in anthologies to her students. She says life has become more complex for her her in a good way, which intrigued me! But that's all I got. I do know she's spending time in Europe this year for work-related reasons. She is a renaissance lit scholar. I recommended her to Marie Bilodeau as a possible inclusion in the first book of people who intersect the ORU. I am hoping Paul's profiles will contribute to Marie's work, too.

  • Also heard from Reg Feyer of CFIS FM 93.1 about my offer to bring copies of Part 3: Pretenders to the interview for his station next Monday, as gifts for callers. He says "Sure. Bring some books. We don't often get callers, but you never know." So if you know someone who wants a copy, get them to tune in to CFIS FM 93.1 Monday March 9, 2009 at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time and give us a call.

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