Monday, March 16, 2009
SF Creatives March 2009
New member John Bell attends SF Creatives We had a small but friendly turn out to the SF Creatives on a cold Wednesday evening March 11, 2009. The regulars were there, minus Nicole and her mom who are enjoying a holiday in a warmer clime. John Bell joined us for the first time. I met him at the CFIS 93.1 interview. John is pictured here wearing the "Write from the Heart" button. And here's Nathalie talking with her hands. :-)
Nathalie Mallet at SF Creatives March 2009 in Books and Company Prince George

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That was a fun evening. I must say, I look quite…animated in that photo!
You need a lighter colored backdrop. Too bad I didn't have time to photoshop you. :-)
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