Monday, March 30, 2009
Twitter brain storm for ORU

Staring at Twitter's "What are you Doing?" prompt and wondering "Who cares?", I suffered a brain storm. What do I chat to friends about when we're together in person? It's not what I'm doing, it's what's happening "in world". So I've decided to twitter bits of my current progress with the saga, definitions to intrigue the uninitiated, and other details. It will feel much more natural. And it will be more interesting to believers. :-) Believers. I like that. I need a good word for people who are into the Okal Rel Universe and since I'm working with the Luminaries who believe in Amel, at the moment, it fits. Of course, ORU believers could believe in the Arbiter Administration, instead; or the mission of Tatt or the Academy; or something else. But it does seem to me many of my characters struggle to find something to believe. So it's apt that their supporters be believers in their rel (struggle).

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KISS KISS KISS - I've revised this plan to simply posting one line a day from the saga, starting with book 1, Courtesan Prince.
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