Saturday, April 25, 2009
Snips of News
News from KP about the Part 5: Far Arena batch of buttons.

>Hi Lynda, a road trip, what fun! I certainly hope to have the buttons by
>then (they finally got the order in from the States, and started work on
>them yesterday). Cheers Kathy Plett

Mel Farrow is thrilled to be contracted to do a fan art booklet that will make its first appearance in a 'soul touch' package for Con*Cept in Montreal, which I'll be shipping to contact Cathy Palmer-Lister the first week of September. Mel says:

>:D Will do right away! :D Hurrah!

Craig Bowlsby has agreed to advise me on Horth's big fight scene in Part 7: Healer's Sword and I've a less formal but equally game offer of medical advice from nursing faculty member and Horth-lover Heather Ouellette who said, with a threatening scowl, "If you wound Horth, you wound me!" Bless her. I asked Craig if he was "game" to advise and he said:

>Yes. I got game.
>Let me know the details.

Publisher Brian Hades has approved the new cover for OR Legacies novella Mekan'stan by Michelle Milburn, as the first step in unifying the look of the novellas in a direction parallel the character-focused covers of the saga. Michelle has also agreed to to new covers for The Lorel Experiment and Kath to match the theme. The good work done by previous cover artists will remain in the ORU hall of fame, of course, as significant and appreciated contributions to the greater whole. But it's time to get serious about look and feel for the OR Legacies. Artist Richard Bartrop will continue to do cover and interior art for the anthologies. Next two scheduled are 4 and 5. Michelle has also agreed to apply her certificate in web design to the ORU website since it is time I stopped being stubbornly Demish about changes to my 'messy desk' organization on that front and got some professional help. Look forward to discussing it with her on our trip to Terrace in May if arrangements for going together pan out ...

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