Sunday, April 26, 2009
New summaries parts 6-10
I've updated summaries on the ORU site for novels 6 through 10. David will be putting them up, soon, at Meanwhile, I'm blogging the one for Part 6: Avim's Oath which is with Richard Janzen for editing. This is the one I'm currently reading aloud on Saturday mornings, half an hour at a time, to my daughters and their friends Krysia, Mel and Holly.

Part 6: Avim's Oath – Rejected by Erien, and challenged by Perry to realize the dream of making the Blue Demish a court power, Amel competes with Luthan to win Demora in a bizarre competition to identify which of them is ‘nicer’. Luthan struggles with her love of Erien and Vretla just wants to get pregnant by either Pureblood. When Amel’s new body guard, Alivda, chucks Vretla out of Amel’s bedroom, she joins Erien on a mission to rescue his young nephew, Leksan, who is kidnapped by a rival clan. Amel and Erien struggle to cooperate for the greater good while competing for love and for oaths. (Coming April 2010)

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