Friday, April 24, 2009
SF Creative PG April 23 2009
Participants at SF Creatives April 23 2009 Books and Company in Prince George
SF Creatives had a lively evening featuring the art of Michelle Milburn, April 23, 2009 at Books and Co. Nathalie Mallet was home with a bug. Also missed was Paul Strickland. Nicole K. read from her fantasy story in progress. I (Lynda) read a page of Di Mon behaving badly from Part 3: Pretenders, in response to Weston's comments about Di Mon's less than perfect manners in Part 1: The Courtesan Prince. Weston shared his experience of the Child of Earth series by Elizabeth Haydon: Rhapsory, Prophecy and Destiny. I scored the lovely painting of David Bowie which Michelle had with her and is holding up in this picture, by admiring it until Michelle gave it to me. She says artists are way less "ohh aww" about everything they produce than the folks, like me, who admire them. Nicole M. discussed the book she is reading in order to take part in an essay writing contest: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. We all discussed the premises and our own run-ins with Rand, as well as the extended vs. shortened vs. book versions of Lord of the Rings and a bit about warfare among hunter gathers vs. "civilized" alternatives. Delighted to have Nicole K.'s mom attend as well. Love the way she was looking at her daughter as Nicole read. Nicole K.'s story and The Courtesan Prince both feature royalty raised as commoners which was another talking point and led to discussion of elitism vs. egalitarianism. I spoke with Michelle afterwards about her art work for the new cover of Mekan'stan with Absolute XPress which has been formally accepted by my publisher, Brian Hades. Michelle will also be working on the covers for The Lorel Experiment and Kath to produce a standard "character-focused" look for the novellas. I spoke with Nicole K. about her story for the fourth ORU anthology. She's decided to write the story of the novices in Den Eva's when Von disappears and resurfaces as Pureblood Amel. I've sent her an old, rough draft of something I messed with in that zone back in 2003 to use for ideas but she'll be taking over what actually happens to Chester and the others in this time period. The next connection with the saga, for Chester, is when he shows up in Part 7: Healer's Sword as the leader of Eler's troupe of actors.


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