Friday, May 15, 2009
Angie Rocks!
Home page design for Okal Rel site by Angela Lott May 09 done for a high school project
My daughter Angela has been using the Okal Rel Universe website for her project in grade 11 computing class. She showed me some of the results today which look fabulous! She's got such a good eye for color. I love the "organic" look and the reds and browns in the background and headers. Certainly more fun to explore than my visually less interesting pages. I'll get more of it up in some form or another as she gets it done, maybe as an alternative means to explore? An online, webbish version of the "elevator speech". Michelle Milburn is working on re-doing the homepage for the live site which I hope to see starting to appear this summer, replacing just the homepage to start. Then slowly replacing subsequent pages.


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