Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Kathy Plett with Okal Rel buttons she made happen
Backgrounder on Friend of the ORU Kathy Plett in DOC format

For a long time I've wanted to honor the awesome people who get behind the Okal Rel Universe in such diverse ways. I've talked about collectable people cards, an "ORU in the World" book (which Marie Bilodeau still have dibs on doing) for the Okal Rel Legacies collection, and sundry other half-baked ideas. Finally, thanks to friend-of-the-ORU Paul Strickland, it is going to start happening in time to have a handful of deliverables for Bridges at UNBC in June! Thank you SO much Paul! The Okal Rel Universe is very fortunate to have your support and the loan of your talents for this project. Paul was a reporter with the Prince George Citizen for many years, and has a masters degree in history. He's been a literary friend and fellow lower of all the many oceans of knowledge "out there" to swim in since we met years ago at a Citizen get together in The National (the nearest bar) where I was visiting with then news editor Peter Miller. I worked as reporter for the Prince George Citizen when I was fresh from my B.A. in Liberal Arts, before going back to school. KP, as Kathy Plett is affectionately known by her colleagues and staff at the College of New Caledonia and on boards and working groups across town, the province of B.C. and beyond, is one of the most awesome librarians and administrators I know. And a real friend. She personifies good things, for me, about post secondary education and the role of libraries in particular: a friend of the ORU, indeed, but so much more as well. A true friend of knowledge, creativity and scholarship. Among the many accomplishments she'll never brag about herself, she is the engine behind CNC Press.

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Wow! So many badges. Cute!
Thanks Brad. I see by your Blogger bio that you are an X-Men fan. Those were my favorite comics, growing up.
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