Sunday, May 10, 2009
Saturday Morning Reading May 9, 2009
Saturday morning reading at the Lott home May 9 2009.

Saturday morning reading at the Lott home. David captured this time! He's working ten days straight sometimes lately, and long hours, so we were especially pleased to have him May 9, 2009. Seen here in his favorite pose, surrounded by young women: Krysia on his right and Catherine on his left. Catherine is working her way through Part 4: Throne Price for the first time. I must go check out her comments to me in private chat on facebook. Amel appreciates her protective instincts toward him ... although he's embarrassed his really bad days are getting to be so public. :-) A slice of Angela is visible to the right. She's re-reading Part 1: The Courtesan Prince. Honey the cat failed to pose very attractively behind them, on the couch. Also in attendance were Holly, who read the next installment in Artemis Fowl where a fairy swat squad unwisely goes up against Fowl castle in a flubbed attempt to rescue her namesake, LEP officer Holly Short; and Tegan who was in her pajamas. The girls made breakfast this time as a Mother's Day treat for me. Interesting crep-cakes Ang. :-) Sort of crepes, sort of pancakes. Holly made the whipped cream as usual. Everyone helped. I read the penultimate chapter of Part 6: Avim's Oath. Many thanks to all for the squeals of delight over Oleander's dreadful proposal and Luthan's bid for getting educated by a hobbling Amel, for Angie's spontaneous squeal: "This is the best book yet!" and to Krysia for wanting to finish it off right now! Looking forward to delivering the final chapter next Saturday after my visit to Terrace. Thanks to Angie taking over the kitchen this morning, I also got good licks in on Part 7: Healer's Sword.

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