Friday, May 15, 2009
Terrific Terrace
Author Lynda Williams with Shannon Benmore's English class Skeena Junior Secondary School Terrace May 14 2009

Many pictures and memories to share about my visit to Terrace this week! I'll do a serious job of it on the weekend. Thought this one might convey the feeling until then! Shannon Benmore's class at Skeena Junior Secondary School wanted to do a class picture after some fun conversation, button sharing, elevator speeches about the book they're reading for class, show and tell and fencing demos. Skeena Junior Secondary School also gave me a commemorative hoodie. In haste, many thanks to: Ev Bishop for helping me organize my visit (pictures of me with her writing group at Cafenara will be forth-coming), artist Michelle Milburn for sharing the drive there with me, Sue Skeates of UNBC for giving me a place to crash and letting me regale her and Toby with tales of the Okal Rel Universe half the night on Tuesday in exchange for a few of their fascinating middle-east stories (I should have got a picture of the free water stations Toby has on the kitchen wall), Cafenara for letting us meet there, Anna at Misty River Books for her hospitable directions and advice concerning contacts, teacher Al Lehmann of Caledonia Senior Secondary School and his creative writing class (pictures soon), and English teachers Graham Wojdak and Shannon Benmore of Skeena Junior Secondary School. And to David Lewis for taking lots of great pictures. (I didn't get down all the names of other picture-takers.) Also dropped in on the Terrace public library to leave a copy of Part 3: Pretenders. So I hope they get the set in for any inspired readers who can't lay hands on one of the books I gave away over the three days of my visit. Made it home safely but late on Thursday night to discover Angela had finished re-reading Part 1: The Courtesan Prince and was already a couple chapters into Part 2: Righteous Anger and spotting all the foreshadowing concerning Beryl's shocking behavior at the end of the book. Tee hee. It's lovely when loved ones get "into it" and can have a chuckle fest with me about details.

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