Monday, May 18, 2009
Writer Bender Apology

I've got piles of lovely e-mails I haven't got to this weekend, due to my trip to Terrace which not only took up a few days but was so inspirational I went on a writing bender when I got home, and have been making much progress with Part 7: Healer's Sword. So I decided to confess, here, about the mail situation to those of you who might be waiting for a reply and to share a bit of the results as proof I wasn't simply goofing off. Back to work tomorrow, but I'll be clearing messages at the usual pace an hour or so every morning before work. Thank you for being in touch! And apologies in particular to anthology authors waiting for a response.

Excerpt for draft Chapter 11 from Part 7: Healer's Sword

...Amel had the servants, including a Sevolite errant attached to the palace, accompany him to the drawing room where he’d left Margaret less than an hour before.

     He was unprepared to hear shouting coming through the door.

     "How dare you!" Margaret lashed out in a tone Amel had never heard her use.

     "I'm not criticizing your style, you understand!" Eler's voice replied, implacable as ever. "You should be justly proud of holding my attention long enough, by sheer craft, to make me gulp down enough of your syrupy subject matter to reach my insightful conclusion about your motivations."

     "I will kill you!" Margaret ground out in cold fury, making Amel stop and look at the servant frozen in the act of reaching to open the heavy wooden door.

     "Possibly," Eler agreed in his maddening, lazy tone. "In fact, if I am driven by admiration for your literary gifts to absorb the rest of your misguided apology for Amel's past, I may just choke."


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