Saturday, June 06, 2009
Word from anthology author Lexie
Soon as Bridges is over, I'll pick up the pace with anthology authors: responding to questions, getting drafts reviewed, etc. The goal is to have in stories for Opus 4 and Opus 5 by the end of the summer, and to have books for Xmas. BTW the switch to titles beginning with Opus is an Edge thing do with sort order for the books. I liked First, Second, etc. myself but the gods of marketing rule . I'll be working with anthology artist Richard Bartrop on cover art (color) and interior sketches (one per story) in the fall. Meanwhile, want to share this bit of communication for an anthology author working on an interesting concept - the person who thought she was Sevolite who turns out to be commoner. Lexie's found a real world use for an ORU exhortation, too. :-)

At the moment I'm in Toronto, just across the back alley from the rail yards where five pile drivers are running 11 hours a day, five days a week, at 115 decibels. Needless to say, this interferes with my concentration, and I'm doing my writing and other creative things mostly on the weekends.

In another half hour, the bloody THUD should be done for the weekend, and I'll be able to hear myself think once more.

May the pile driver gods ignore you



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