Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Guide to the Okal Rel Universe appears on We Read

My google alert turned up an entry for the old Guide to the Okal Rel Universe (published by Windstorm Creative) on a site called "We Read". (Title and image are linked if you wish to visit). The screen shot shows what appears in the part of the screen for "other works by". It's exciting to see ORU titles pop up on the web like this. Which ones "register", of course, is always quirky. Makes me wonder who did what to make them appear there. Why the broken cover art for Part 5: Far Arena? Why Lorel Experiment and not Kath or Mekan'stan from the Windstorm era? Why Part 3: Pretenders but not Part 2: Righteous Anger? Life is full of mysteries. My guess is someone who intersected with the ORU circum 2006 entered the guide, Lorel Experiment and Part 4: Throne Price (which was published before all the rest). Then second user of this service entered the copies of Part 3: Pretenders, and Part 5: Far Arena.


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