Friday, July 03, 2009
Launch Well Wishers
Fun launch last night! Thank you one and all who attended. We'll get some pics up soon. Here's a couple missives from those who didn't make it and wanted to:

"I am flying to Miami tomorrow, and I return end of July. I will miss
another launch. And I LOVED Far Arena! Ann's pregnant!! I love Perry
D'Aur's observation about Ann's understanding of Gelack culture. Horth
negotiating trade agreements, Dorn Earth ambassador, and Amel finally
ending the past for Erien and Ranar. I loved it, loved it."
- Elizabeth Woods

"While I am quite sure that we are not able to make it today I am more than happy to help you out with any future events if at all possible ... I hope that your thing goes well today!"
- Ash Larsen (Society for Creative Anachronism)

Also heard recently from ORU reader Rémi Després-Smyth who I will be sending a review copy of Part 5: Far Arena. And will be looking at Opus 4 work this weekend. Spoke with Opus 4 editor Sheila Flesher at the launch last night and introduced her to the two PG authors attending the launch. Oh, and ran into a contact of Elizabeth's in Quiznos yesterday who saw me reading Far Arena out loud to Tegan and said "I've read that book, it was good!". Turns out he's going to be teaching math and science in PG and is a sci fi fan. New contact met last night is Tyler, a reporter who is starting up a new journal for downtown distribution...if memory serves. Also renewed my acquaintance with John Bell of CFIS's story tellers program and was delighted to have Ann Tiffany and Jacklyn Baldwin among the attendees at the launch. Not to mention Catherine's Finnish contact and the young neighbour she's been telling me about. Nicole K. won the Pan-Demish Tournament. Nathalie Mallet won the "over 20" class which I figured is sort of a like the nobleborns. The McGees (Weston and Nicole) turned out and were game about wearing capes and taking part in the tournament. Much, much thanks to the usual suspects for setup and take down! Krysia, Angela, David, Tegan, Catherine! And to Margaret Johnson of Friends of the Library.

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Great launch, Lynda! I had a lovely time! :)
Thanks for coming and wielding a sword!
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