Monday, July 06, 2009
Part 7: Healer's Sword
85,000 words into book 7!

here's a snippet of the first draft in progress

Ilse barged into Mira’s waiting room, found it empty, decided the receptionist Erien had provided her with must have stepped out for a break, and went sailing on into the infirmary. She hoped Mira would have time to teach her something new today instead of putting her to work on a task she had already mastered.
When she came upon Mira arguing with a tall man dressed in black, she halted as if she’d run smack into an invisible brick wall.
The man was Horth, Liege of Nersal.
Mira was saying, “ ... I don’t care how slowly you fly me there, I’m not going!” Liege Nersal was the first to notice Ilse. He turned with the precision of a sword in an expert’s hand, making Ilse catch her breath at the impact his mere presence had on her.

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