Wednesday, August 05, 2009
Cutbanks will run ORU article on religion
Tyler Clarke of Cutbanks magazine in Prince George writes (04 Aug 09):

"... This is very interesting. Thank you for your interest, and I will certainly publish this in the religion issue, which should be December. If you're interested, this month I'm working on a feature on homelessness in Prince George ... and I am excited about your column!
The first issue of Cutbanks, with the feature about yourself, was distributed around UNBC this morning, so you should be able to find it somewhere."

I am striving to provide a column for each themed edition of Cutbanks, in a similiar vein to the "Thoughts from Another Universe" feature I've been doing for the Northern Log. Each should be 300-400 words. The article Tyler is referring to, on religion, attempts to connect my life experience to my portrayal of the good and bad of man's spiritual nature in the Okal Rel Unvierse series.


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