Friday, August 28, 2009
Women who don't kick butt
Lynda Williams, Tina Hunter, Sandra Fitzpatrick at Con-Version 25 in Calgary, ABMet new Edge-ite Tina Hunter at Con-Version 25 in Calgary. She's the one with dark hair on the left in this picture of my panel in the "Lit/books/reading" stream entitled "Women who don't kick butt. Can they still win hearts and minds?" Tina has published short fiction with Edge. Sandra Fitzpatrick is the participant on the right. The book she has in front of her is a copy of the first edition of Opus 2 (the 2nd Okal Rel anthology) which she undertook to get signed by the Calgary contributors (including herself). Now it is my job to get the B.C. contributors to sign it and send it on to collector Peter Halasz. I suggested this panel topic based on my experience with Sam O'Pearl, the "girl next door" type of Demish princess who enters the Okal Rel Saga in Part 6: Avim's Oath. Although a princess (meaning she is more than 50% Sevolite), Sam is small potatoes in the Demish hierarchy. And although she is a bit of a tom-boy adventurer in the context of the parochial neighborhood where she grew up, she is way out of her league in that regard on Gelion. But she's fun, resilient and most of all a feeling, breathing character with plenty of life challenges to work through.

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