Thursday, October 08, 2009
Tanya Huff at Books and Company PG
SF Writer Tanya Huff in Prince George at Books and Company
SF author Tanya Huff read and threatened the audience with cat stories when the questions flagged, Oct 7, 2009 at Books and Company in Prince George, B.C. I met and enjoyed a pre-reading chat with Rob Budde. Tanya read her classic bartender story from Space Inc. edited by Julie E. Czerneda. I recognized the anthology because Alison Sinclair had a doctor story in it. Tanya is seen here on the Books and Co stage mischievously signing a "Diving Book" that a guy in the audience jokingly offered up when Tanya declared she's sign anything. She penned him quite an opus while people with her books for signing waited patiently and he began to wonder, aloud, "What are you writing?" Guess we'll never now. :-)

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I'm glad you had a camera at Café V, last night, Lynda! Ms. Huff's reading was fantastic! It was quite the treat. :)
I liked the "just a bar tender" story. :-)
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