Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Reading Throne Price

Always pleased to hear about a new reader about to embark on the ORU adventure ...


Hi Lynda :)

I promised you a review of Throne Price, so here it is :)

"Throne Price is a captivating tapestry of complex political intrigue, dark eroticism and edge-of-your-seat suspense set among the descendants of humanity. Set mostly in Fountain Court, the seat of power for the Gelack empire, the story follows the days leading up to the Swearing, where the next Ava, or emperor, will be chosen. In the merciless struggle that ensues, we follow Erien, Pureblood Amel, his mother Ev'rel and Ava Ameron as they fight not only for power but for their very lives."

I am now almost done Courtesan Prince. These books are addictive...
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