Friday, May 14, 2010
Feed-in and Feedback
Gina Tellez-McKee (reading Part 1: Courtesan Prince)
Mind Meld
I feel like I have had one:

"An ordinary person would get over it, but he's locked in perpetual crisis and the conflict between fear and love is paralyzing."

Yikes that's profound. That is where I am at in the C. Prince. I had to wait until I could really focus on your book . . . I warmed up with M. Atwood. I hope you take this as a compliment, the social content of your books reminds me of Heinlein.


Margaret Haugen-Juniper (reading Part 4: Throne Price)
"Just finished Throne Price. One phrase: Oh my God!"

Angela Lott (Reading 1984 for school)
Reports a conversation with a Math teacher refuting the dark vision of Big Brother in 1984 with the more enlightened approach of arbiters in Reetion parts of the Okal Rel saga.

Dr. Neil Lettinga (theological/historian consultant advising me on Herver for Part 8: Gathering Storm and beyond)

One of the elements to be aware of in the case of conversions like this is the role that community plays in them. Herver needs to have ongoing conversations with people who think that commoners have souls. Amel is key, but let Herver seek out conversations with Reetions that reinforce his new beliefs, and maybe even have him run into the animal-loving princess again in a different context. In real life people don't have this sort of transformation without finding ways to reinforce it in the people they like to be with and spend time with and have conversations with. His significant others should change as a result of his conversion. Amel is certainly a good start, as is Erien, given the outcome of their conversation. He should be curious about Reetions, and might just gain a Reetion friend in the next book or two ... one who, in turn, would be interested in his religious beliefs.

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