Thursday, September 09, 2010
Avim's Oath available on Amazon and through distributors working with Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy

Avim's Oath is out. Available in bookstores and from Amazon

Okal Rel Universe event at VCON Oct 1-3 will celebrate this and two Okal Rel Legacies titles

Love and titles are lost and won as two brothers struggle to attain power, recognition, and acceptance in a world filled with treachery and hatred.

The Queen is dead. Two princes are suddenly thrust center-stage to vie for a throne neither really wants, orchestrated by the ambitions of power-hungry princesses.

Amel, the elder, would prefer a quiet life — but is being pressured into the pursuit of power by the alarmingly beautiful princess Alivda.

Erien, the younger, wants to start an academy of science on their planet — but is being pursued by the leige Vretla, who intends to bear the prince’s child.
Trapped in a tangle of torment, the two brothers must prove themselves, choosing between lives they desire, and the roles for which they are demanded.

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