Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ronald Hore of CM Magazine's review of Avim's Oath does a great job of summarizing the conflicts. He recommended it for ages 13 and up. I particularly like the attention he gave to Luthan and Sam, the women-in-skirts in this volume who counterpoint the kick-ass types like Vretla and Alivda. Here's what he says:

"Counterpoint to the brothers, and to the more aggressive women, are two of the younger princesses: Princess Samantha O'Pearl, a rustic who flees her backward home world disguised as her brother, and Princess Luthan Dem H'Us of the Silver Demish, who, at 15, is confused about her sexuality and her future role in the empire. To compound the situation, both Erien and Amel have feelings for Princess Luthan. Amel and Luthan find themselves competing for the same honour as heir to the almost mythical Golden Emperor."

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