Saturday, December 18, 2010
Courtesan Prince review by Valerie Coskrey

Received notification, today, of a review by RFF's Valerie Coskrey for book one of the Okal Rel Saga, The Courtesan Prince. Working on draft of the final book (part 10) in the series, tonight. Facebook also brought me a positive "vote" for Fip, the grab rat, from David Juniper who is reading Part 6: Avim's Oath. And Krysia discovered the latin mellitus, meaning "sweet as honey", which she is planning to use for part of a Demoran's name for her third novella in the Misfit series, is also part of the "diabetes mellitus" because ... how embarrassing ... people with this type of diabetes have sweet tasting urine. Oh well, just adds dimensions to the name of her love interest for the irrepressible Victoria D'Ottawa, heroine of the misfit series.

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Yeah. That was such a fail...
Not as bad as STIs in Far Arena! The kind of STIs they teach about in high school were STDs when I picked STI for "social transparency index". Sigh. I was innocent of the connotations of lilac as a color when I named the Dem'Vrellish hearth Lilac Hearth, too. I'm just clueless.
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