Monday, January 03, 2011
Ameron Bio


The charismatic Ameron Lor’Vrel was Ava of the Sevolite empire at the time of first contact with the Reetions, about two hundred years before the start of the series. He disappeared en route to receive medical help for a wound taken in an assassination attempt by vassals opposed to his plans to re-open diplomatic relations with the Reetions, and passed into legend, inspiring oaths such as “Ameron’s Wound!” After being knocked out of time-slip by Di Mon and Ranar, he is initially depressed to discover all that happened after his disappearance from history. Di Mon, ecstatic to recover the historical liege he has always followed in his heart, is over protective. It is Ayrium, in Part 3: Pretenders, who proves the right tonic to revitalize him. A political animal, Ameron is always working to bring his Demish and Vrellish vassals closer together and is disconcerted by pressures for reform from the younger generation because he’s lived through other, failed attempts. Ameron features in Part 3: Pretenders, where he ultimately reclaims his lost throne. But he is a presence in other books, notably Part 4: Throne Price, where he must reconcile with his long lost son, Erien.

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And good looking in a nerdy kinda way
Erien? Totally. Cover of Far Arena.
No Ameron. Well Erien too...
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