Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Lynda Williams featured on Ask and Edge Author audio gizmo in March 2008 Surf to the Edge website for some audio clips of me answering questions. Working on making them shorter and shorter, like beads on a necklace. Many beads still amount to something substantial but each is more accessible. My way of simultaneously bowing to and rebelling against the sound-byte phenomenon.

  • I was a special guest in Dr. Marian Scholtmeijer’s ENGL 486, Literature of the Fantastic, class on March 29. Had a good time. Give away copies of Courtesan Prince are being sent to student participants Kristin C. and Marold Feddersen. Next event I'm looking forward to is appearing in Rita McInnis-Ryan's enriched English class at D.P. Todd Secondary School, in April.

  • First Expansion mailing list still down due to port to new hardware by the ORU's hosting service. My husband and webmaster David Lott is in Vienna on a special trip to see old friends, so I won't be able to fix or re-construct until he gets home.

  • Heard exciting news about Alison Sinclair through the grape vine! She's sold a triology to ROC. I've sent congratulations.

  • Steph has out a video interview with Nina Munteanu on site at her Chapters signing.

  • I've seen the draft cover of Pretenders, Book #3 of the Okal Rel Saga. Disappointed Echo couldn't do it due to illness but delighted Brian Hades was able to find an artist to make the very tight deadline. Di Mon is on the cover, with the Monatese library for backdrop, and framed in green marble.

  • Had a wonderful coffee meeting with Rémi Despres-Smyth, a master enterprise programmer and the partner of Prince George's own Garth Frizzell, CEO of Terra Cognita, to discuss his reactions to Righteous Anger and the saga, in general. Programmer/analysts seem to be one of the demographics the ORU appeals to and I am particularly honored to count Rémi as an engaged reader.

  • Kept new reader Heather Ouelette, a faculty member in the UNBC Nursing Program, up very late finishing Courtesan Prince [evil gleeful laugh]. Her husband had to take the book away from her.

  • Finally getting to read Courtesan Prince to my two younger daughters, oth teenagers. Gratified by their interest. It isn't a given that one's own family will be "into" one's fiction. Especially not teenagers.

  • Planning to meet with Craig Bowlsby in Vancouver mid-April to discuss his novella from Horth's period in Bryllit's fleet.

  • Been skyping back and forth with Justyn Perry of Edge about various things, and exchanging e-mail with Brian Hades about Pretenders. Justyn has me thinking about doing an ORU podcast with longer readings, discussions, interviews, etc.

  • Engaged Jill Bell, the book chick, to help me with the Big Move from Windstorm Creative to Edge for the works in the extended series. Still getting my act together on this front as I work with Edge to put Pretenders to bed. :-)

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