Thursday, July 31, 2008
Second ORU line coming out from Absolute X Press an imprint of Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing Edge announced the coming of Absolute X Press in its last newsletter. The first six books in the lineup belong to what I'm calling, this week, the ORU Traddodiad: that is, anthologies, novellas and reference works expanding the ORU legacy. Traddodiad is a very cool Welsh word meanind 'cultural transmission' in the sense of passing on tradition. It's a mouthful, of course. The other candidate in the works is ORU Emporium. Justyn Perry and I have been using the working title Okal Rel Universe Collection to distinguish this expandable, POD/e-book line from the finite, ten-novel Okal Rel Saga in trade paperback. "Collection" is too vague and misleading, though, since a single book could be called a "collection". Naming things is hard. Absolute X Press will include more than just the Traddodiad, the ORU books just happen to be the first in the pipe here. I am editor for the Traddodiad.

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