Tuesday, November 04, 2008
World Fantasy Con 2008 in Calgary
Hades Publications booth at World Fantasy Con in Calgary 2008

Back from World Con with a cold (grumble) and good memories. ONLY books were welcome in the dealer's room. There was a lovely art display next door, too, but it was nice to be in the company of fellow bibliophiles instead of feeling like an inconvenience to the gaming gang by getting underfoot. (Some of my near and dear are gamers! Just not my thing these days.) This is one of many pictures I'll be sharing as I can. The big banner used here as a backdrop for featuring Anita Hades and Justyn Perry of Edge was unfurled at the Wednesday night bash, and contains the covers of all the Hades Publications titles. The four titles of the Okal Rel Saga are there, all in a row, off to the left of this picture but you can see a bit of the Throne Price stack on the lower right.

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