Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Roots of Identity - Opus 4
Illustration for Roots of Identity Opus 4 Okal Rel anthologies by Richard Bartrop "Grip is about knowing who you are and where you belong, even when the whole damned indifferent universe is trying to tell you otherwise." - Berinda, in "Roots of Identity", Opus 4, by author Lexie Pakulak.
Lexie Pakulak author in Opus 4 Okal Rel Legacies anthologies This is the interior illustration, by Richard Bartrop, picturing protagonist Meg (short for Banimeg) in a genotyping office in the town of Eastport on FarHome. Richard is also the cover artist for Opus 4, which is currently in the editing stages and should be ready for production before Xmas 2009.

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