Tuesday, November 24, 2009
I updated the wanted page with progress for Opus 4, the next Okal Rel Legacies anthology. I've spoken with Brian Hades about the title and we're full steam ahead for a production slot. Working to get stories finalized.

Okal Rel Universe Anthology 4

  • Companion Saga Book: Part 4: Throne Price

  • Theme: "The past coming back to haunt you." (i.e. complicate
    the present)

  • Editors: Shelia Flesher and Lynda Williams

  • Claims to date:

    • Krysia Anderson - claimed Feb 14/09; confired Mar 09; submitted
      (Hyacynth Story)

    • Lexi - claimed Jan 25/09; Plot approved Feb; confirmed April 09;
      COMPLETE (Reverse Cinderella)

    • Hal Friesen - Claimed Feb 5/09; submitted June/09; touch-up edits
      in process; (Nestor)

    • Nicole - claimed feb 11/09; April 09, confirmed; draft submitted;
      (Den Eva Novices)

    • Mel Farrow - Claimed March 30, plot approved; draft submitted;.
      (Kenway and Theo)


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