Monday, December 27, 2010

Edge did an Xmas Feature on Characters at Xmas including the Okal Rel Gang. Follow the link to the web site or read below.

Amel would do Christmas surrounded by as many of the people he loved as possible. He would hug the women, enjoy the food, and play with the kids. He'd help with the dishes, too. In fact he'd probably like that part best because of the happy gossiping that takes place in the kitchen.

Alivda, on the other hand, would get bored unless she got to take charge. Then it wouldn't be exciting enough for her unless there was a fire on the stove or a hot guy she could seduce, whether or not he was there with his wife.

Erien would be awkward about the social aspect until he found someone he could talk to about ways to improve the traditional aspects of the season to get through it more efficiently.

Horth would stake out a corner of the living room and stoically endure the babble of unintelligible conversation for as long as necessary to prove he could cope with it, then go jump in a rel-ship to clear his head with a little reality skimming. Unless Ilse was there. Then he'd stick it out.

Ranar would look like he was being very social but he'd actually be collecting data for an anthropological study on what the holiday meant to those present. Perry would have a hell of a good time and take home doggie bags to her Killing Reach rebels.

Ayrium would make Ameron come, incognitio, and insist he didn't talk politics with anyone.

Luthan would throw the party, with some help from Samanda O'Pearl as convener.

Eler would make a scene at the height of the evening and start a fight.

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